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Discover how to regain your sense of self, find your inner voice, and empower yourself to live authentically while cultivating strong, meaningful relationships in just 4 months!

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Do you feel as though something is missing in your life?

You desire deep connections in your life, both with yourself and with those around you. You dream of a life where you know exactly what you want and can confidently go after it without guilt, fear, or worry. You are ready to stop living for other people and experience the freedom of living your truth.

Does this sound familiar? Do you go through life…

Feeling as though responsible for everyone’s feelings, or you strive to make everyone around you happy.

Finding it hard to express your feelings or be vulnerable to others?

Afraid to be your true self because you feel like there’s something “wrong” with you?

Avoiding conflict and keeping your opinions to yourself to avoid “rocking the boat”or upsetting someone?

Putting others’ needs first and not prioritizing your own happiness?

“Going along to get along” because it’s just easier to agree or let someone else make the choices?

Feeling unable to say NO — and feel guilty when you do?

Having trouble sharing your deepest self out of fear of rejection or abandonment?


If you’re here, you probably know that focusing on making sure everyone else is happy just doesn’t work long-term. It can lead to feelings of resentment, lack of trust, fear of intimacy, and lack of satisfaction in your life. You’re at a place where you’re missing out on the life you desire and deserve or you may not even know what you want anymore, you just know you’re unhappy and unfulfilled right now.


Why choose me as your Self Empowerment & Emotional Connection Coach?

I’ve been exactly where you are, trapped in a cycle of superficial relationships and growing more empty and unfulfilled in my life. Anxiety, worry about what others thought, and fear of rejection and disappointing others were what guided my life, rather than my own wants and desires.

As I drifted farther away from my true self, I lost confidence and felt my voice growing smaller, and I knew I couldn’t go through life like this. I found a mentor who showed me I could transform my life by connecting with my true self, feeling confident in my choices, and getting to the core of what I want my life to be.

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I’ve been exactly where you are, trapped in a cycle of superficial relationships and growing more empty and unfulfilled in my life. Anxiety, worry about what others thought, and fear of rejection and disappointing others were what guided my life, rather than my own wants and desires.

As I drifted farther away from my true self, I lost confidence and felt my voice growing smaller, and I knew I couldn’t go through life like this. I found a mentor who showed me I could transform my life by connecting with my true self, feeling confident in my choices, and getting to the core of what I want my life to be.

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Enhance your life with deeper connections, stronger relationships, and a new sense of self-discovery.

I use proven techniques in cognitive behavioral psychology, neuro-linguistic programming and mindfulness to guide you in finding the tools you need to build a harmonious world, full of love and empathy—where you have the freedom and power to be unapologetically you.

We won’t talk about the past… You won’t be laying on a lounge chair (unless you want to!) while I take notes about your deep, dark secrets. Instead, as a relationship and empowerment coach, I will provide you with personal coaching that includes actionable steps and strategies that will lead to living life with passion, confidence, and joy


Each person has unique needs for personal growth. During our first session, we will discuss where you are now, and I will help you define your goals. What your program ultimately looks like is dependent on you—but the outcome is the same.

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Have an accurate and clear understanding of your true self – your habits, beliefs, emotional tendencies, needs, desires, and strengths.

Get in touch with your own set of values so you can live an authentic life doing what’s most important to YOU.

Get connected with activities, skills, and interests that ignite your passion.

Look at yourself accurately and consider how your past has shaped and affected your concept of who you are.

Grow in confidence and self-esteem, and communicate your needs, wants, and thoughts more decisively and clearly.

Let go of past mistakes and learn strategies to forgive yourself and leave the burden of guilt and shame behind.

Transform your inner critic and learn steps to build your confidence, face your fears, and become free of self-doubts.

Learn strategies to help you build up yourself with a positive and healthy self-image.

Embrace your individuality and recognize that your special variety of character traits combine to create a very unique you.

Stop seeking approval from others, build your self trust and maximize your importance.

Set healthy personal boundaries and learn to say NO without feeling guilty.

Discover what emotional self care is and how you can understand and respect your own feelings.

Learn to love your physical, intellectual, and spiritual self to achieve whole-self confidence and contentment.

Set your priorities based on what is important to you and what aligns with your values.

Show up in relationships as your true self so you can cultivate stronger connections.

Find the courage to express yourself assertively. Express your honest feelings of your true self, needs and opinion.


I offer guidance through specific worries, fears and challenges you might face during your journey, and prepare you for the future.

Each coaching package includes:

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16 weekly 50-minute sessions from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you feel most at-ease) where we will focus on you. After the program, you get 2 months of support with up to 8 follow-up sessions.


After each session, you’ll receive a summary of what we discussed that you can refer to in the future.


During each module you will receive personalized assignments customized to your individual needs to help you reach your goals.


Weekly workbooks to walk you through practical life skills. Keep them to use for future challenges you may face.


Need help before our next session? Reach out to me and get next-day support with unlimited email consultation services for 6 months.


There is strength in numbers. Gain lifelong access to an exclusive online support network for members. Learn from others farther along on their journeys who have “been there, done that.”

The Curriculum

This first phase is about getting to the core of who you really are, understanding what has held you back and what drives you to be the person you are. You'll gain a greater sense of self awareness, your identity, your values and true passions—and how to leverage this in your relationship with others.


  • Develop self-awareness - Gain a clear understanding of your personality, including what your habits, beliefs, emotional tendencies, needs, desires, strengths, and weaknesses mean about you.
  • Uncovering your identity - Your personal identity includes more than just your thoughts and feelings. We will tap into your personal family history, the “group” of people you hang out with, your appearance, your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about you.
  • Getting in touch with your values - Gain clarity on your beliefs, what you stand for, and what is important to you. By knowing what you value, you can align your life to what is genuinely important to YOU.
  • Discover your true passions -Get clear on what it is in life that truly ignites your passions.

Next, we will transform your current concept of self, including releasing false beliefs that have held you back over the years so you can tap into your full potential. By doing this, you can reevaluate yourself clearly, grow in confidence, and look at yourself accurately.


  • Reevaluating the past - Knowing yourself means having accurate beliefs about yourself. It’s entirely possible that some of the things you believe about yourself aren’t true at all! We will examine your past and realize how it has affected your self-concept.
  • Build your self esteem - Improving your self-esteem allows you to communicate with confidence, trust your choices, and maintain your integrity while earning the respect of others. This is an on-going opportunity throughout the program.
  • Be proactive to increase your satisfaction in life - You will learn how to take action across areas of your life to improve your self-concept and see yourself as you really are!
  • Get clear on who do you wish to be - Gain clarity regarding the woman you dream of becoming and how you can achieve that.

You will learn how to fully accept yourself, including coming to terms with who your true self is, while forgiving yourself and letting go of past mistakes. You can break free from the fears of rejection and not being “good enough,” so you can eliminate your negative thoughts and construct a healthy self-image.


  • Move forward from past mistakes - Regret, shame, and guilt prevent us from letting go of our past mistakes and forgiving yourself, but you will learn strategies that allow you to leave the past in the past and move forward.
  • Transform your inner critic into your own personal cheerleader - Your inner critic is attempting to protect you, but like an overprotective parent, it’s causing more harm than good. Discover ways to cheer yourself on and stay on the path toward your best life while quieting the inner critic inside you.
  • Unshackle yourself from self-doubt - Your self-doubt is standing in the way of taking action toward living a fulfilling life and being confident in knowing what you want, so you will learn how to break free from doubt and trust your instincts.

Confidence and happiness in your life begins when you can embrace your individuality and can move through life without the approval of others. You’ll learn how to set healthy boundaries and say NO without feeling guilty while learning how to avoid the fatal flaw of comparing yourself to others and believing in yourself.


  • Embrace your individuality -It’s time to recognize that your special variety of character traits combine to create a one and only, very unique you.
  • Stop seeking approval from others -Learn how to let go of the need for approval so you can begin trusting your own instincts and living according to your values and desires.
  • Set healthy emotional boundaries and learn to say NO - Learning how to say no is necessary to set healthy boundaries and establishing your autonomy in a relationship.
  • Understanding and respecting your own feelings - In order to care for your emotional self, you’ll learn how to identify your feelings and emotions and give yourself permission to feel them fully, rather than pushing them down in an attempt to be agreeable or avoid getting upset.
  • Believe in yourself - Deep down, you know what you’re able and unable to do. When you believe in yourself, others are unable to pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do. On the other hand, no one can hold you back from doing something you know you can do.

In this final phase you will learn how to apply everything you learned into your life so you can express yourself authentically and assertively. You will have the confidence and courage to be a fully realized version of yourself and express your feelings and emotions freely. You’ll experience the freedom that comes from being true to yourself and knowing exactly what you want in life.


  • Setting your life priorities - By knowing your priorities, you can ensure that you’re not held back by what others want so you can focus your time on what truly matters!
  • Dare to be yourself - Being your true self in all settings and situations sounds scary, but in reality, it’s empowering and liberating! You’ll experience meaningful relationships when you’re able to be the woman you truly are.
  • Finding the courage to express your feelings - Learn how to stop biting your tongue and agreeing or being quiet to avoid conflict so you can speak up when it truly matters.
  • Discover your the inner voice - Your inner voice acts as the source of your inspiration, creativity, and intuition. By listening to your inner voice, you can feel more confident in your choices and know what will make you happy.

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This program is designed for women seeking to find deeper meaning in their relationships with others and a deeper relationship with themselves. It also seeks to help define “who you are” in regards to passions, desires and strengths, which can further enhance your satisfaction in all aspects of life.

Although I encourage you to share what you learn about yourself with your partner, this program is not designed for couples. I don’t offer family or marriage counseling. Additionally, this program is not designed for those seeking career counseling (although you will likely find the confidence and concepts gained here beneficial in the workplace). Finally, this is program is not sufficient for trauma counseling, depression, or severe anxiety.

Break Your Shell is a comprehensive, transformative program that will give you the skills to overcome insecurity and worries while discovering your true self. With this knowledge, you can gain clarity on your wants, needs, and desires in all aspects of your life. My first-hand experience and expertise as a relationship and empowerment coach offers you everything you need to nurture a life full of power and meaning.

Break Your Shell is a four month program. While you can start seeing growth very quickly as you apply what you learn to your life, it is important to fully commit to the full program in order to achieve the objectives. Don’t worry if you might take longer; my support as your relationship and empowerment coach extends beyond the program.

There are no additional costs to the program once you’ve signed up and created a payment plan. You do have the option to purchase coaching sessions individually after you have completed the program.

It is important to open yourself up and be present, but we will work toward shifting your mindset and growing your confidence during the program. Before you know it, you’ll be able to express yourself confidently and authentically in coaching sessions and in your personal and professional life.

This program is about more than romantic relationships – Break Your Shell is about achieving a stronger, healthier relationship with yourself, too. Break Your Shell focuses on self expression and teaching YOU the techniques to feel confident and empowered in life. In doing so, you will have the confidence to cultivate meaningful and fulfilling relationships. What you learn about relationship-building will help any relationship: friends, family, coworkers. You can take this knowledge into dating and future relationships. It will also give you a new perspective on past relationships.

I don’t offer guarantees in the program because I cannot predict your success. When companies manufacture products, they can control how the product will perform and offer guarantees. Life coaching is a service: I do not do work FOR clients and therefore cannot make any guarantees. The only guarantee I can provide is that you will receive exactly what I promise you in the program, including modules, coaching sessions, session summaries, learning materials and access to group support.

Break Your Shell has no refund policy in the agreement. However, I do offer refunds on a case-by-case basis in special situations, such as: Financial or medical hardship from emergencies or accidents. If I determine that I am not a good fit for your needs (e.g. you are seeking psychological help for trauma).

When you sign up for your Breakthrough Session you can enter your payment information. I accept a variety of payment methods including Paypal and Credit Card.

Have a lingering question? Get in touch and email me at


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Become more confident and feel empowered in your life. Learn how to express yourself assertively and be
Unapologetically YOU.

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