Amit Shaviv Testimonial
Amit S
Amit Shaviv

I’m enjoying true fulfillment in my relationship and career.

I approached life coaching with Ron when I had a major changes in my life. I felt lost, confused, and experienced difficulties and frustration to understand my emotions and my impulsive behavior, that had a major affect on my relationship with my partner, my co-workers, and friends.

Ron gave me the support I was seeking and needed, I was able to open up and share my deep fears and emotions, which reflected on my communication with my partner.
I learned who I am, to accept and love myself, the way I am. The storm I had inside calmed down and I’m enjoying true fulfillment in my relationship and career.

Ron always gives a very good feeling, non nonjudgmental environment. I also love the way she is looking and analyzing situations – from a very objective and professional point of view.
I found the experience very exciting and life changing. I had ups and downs during this journey, and despite the fact she guided me – I know that this is MY VICTORY – and this is Ron’s’ greatness.

I would surely recommend Ron and I’m sure whoever will chose to work with her will be grateful.