Rachel H
Rachel H.

I learned how to open up in my important relationships and manage my anxiety.

I started to work with Ron when I felt stuck in life and that my fear of conflicts controlled my personal relationships – at work with my employees and with my husband. I wanted to be able to open up and be more assertive, understand myself and express my opinion and emotions without being scared all the time to be rejected or abounded by the people I care about.

I felt during our sessions that Ron understood and was there for me, I realized that I am not crazy as I used to think, I learned to accept the beautiful and the challenging parts in my sensitivity and introversion.

I learned how to open up in my important relationships, especially with my husband, and manage my anxiety (which reduced tremendously). I feel that a huge rock fell out of my chest and I can breath again.
This experience was really eye opening – I changed my career, my relationship with my husband become closer and stronger.

I would definitely recommend Ron to women who lost connection with themselves, feel that something is missing or stuck in life, and wants to express themselves more assertively without fear to lose their personal relationships.